Month: December 2022

Congratulations on your Queen Scout Awards!

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As a Group we can be so proud of these two shining examples of how Scouts can help young people achieve their dreams and aspirations – and long may they both continue to do so.

On Monday 5th of December, Phoebe Woolard and Zoë Grimshaw completed the final requirement for their Queen Scout Award: the presentation aspect. Attended by SRF Explorers, 1st Southgate Leaders, friends from the district, and family, the two presented their efforts.

The Queen Scout Award (now changing to the King Scout Award) is the highest award that young people aged 16-25 can earn in Scouts.

· To achieve the award there are a number of requirements that must be completed:

· You must be an Explorer or Network member aged 16-25

· You must have been in Scouting at least 18 months

· You must complete 18 nights away with Scouts (12 must be under canvas)

· You must complete the 6 objectives for the International, Community, and Values list

· You must hold the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, or complete the Queen Scout Challenges

· You must make a presentation on your award.

Phoebe and Zoë both completed their Queen’s Scout Award through 1st Southgate Scout Group, and SRF Explorers, but managed to do completely different things! Below, they both recount some highlights and experiences of their journey:


One of the parts of completing my QSA that I am most proud of is the completion of my Gold D of E. I never completed my Bronze or Silver D of E, and thought that the Gold might be too hard. The expedition was my biggest challenge, as I am not a natural hiker. I was added to a group from across the county, and we worked together and encouraged each other. I didn’t start working on my Gold D of E properly until after I finished university, so even if you haven’t completed other awards such as your D of E or your Diamond and Platinum Chief scout awards, it is still very possible to complete your (now) King’s Scout Award!

As I didn’t achieve my Diamond or Platinum Chief Scout award, I had to complete six objectives off of the International, Community and Values list (2 of each): I visited Cambodia with Camps International as part of a development project (International); I visited France with SRF explorers and helped to run the camp (International); I helped grow scouting in our local community through Crawley Network and 1st Southgate (Community); I have started, and will be continuing work on a nature trail up at Stanford Campsite (Community); I arranged 6 different nights with Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers to explore the scout values (Values); I organised the district wide St George’s Day parade in 2019 and am currently doing the same again with a team for 2023 (Values). I learnt so much from finishing my ICV list, and I really hope that some parts, like the nature trail, positively affect the district for time to come.

I would really encourage anyone who wants to, to try to get their King’s Scout Award. It’s an inspiring award which makes you think about so many things that you otherwise wouldn’t and has a positive effect on the community around you.


When completing my QSA my favourite part was always the volunteering for DofE Gold and ICV List activities. I completed this through 1stSouthgate Cubs, and 5th Fairfield (St Sebastian’s) in Liverpool, which is where I studied for university. I found 5th Fairfield through my university’s SSAGO club. SSAGO is the Student Scout and Guide Organisation. They have clubs at over 30 universities, as well as independent members who attend the national events run 4 times a year.. Because of joining SSAGO, I was able to continuously volunteer whether I was at home or university for the years I studied. This enabled me to progress my Queen’s Scout Award and Gold DofE as I could run activities for the ICV list with both groups, allowing more Scouts to learn important skills and take part in fun activities, while also helping me! To anyone who is, or will be, going to university and is in Scouting, find your local SSAGO! It isn’t just about volunteering, but about continuing Scouting at university and having fun.

I am incredibly proud to be receiving my Queen’s Scout Award, and have had some amazing experiences along the way. I ran a 200 person event for my Residential Experience of my DofE, which was so much fun that I will be doing it again through SSAGO in March! I also taught Scouts and Explorers about Holocaust Memorial Day. During sessions I taught Beavers, Cubs, and Scouts about international cultures through art, sport, and food, as well as Scouting Values and History. As part of my Community aspect, I created and distributed advertisements for 1st Southgate, and also arranged a talk and donations for Crawley Open House for our Group.

I’ve had such an amazing time and urge everyone to try for their top awards, whether that be a Bronze Chief Scout Award, or a King’s Scout Award! These awards are an amazing test of resilience, determination, imagination, and most of all, are some of the best fun you can have!

Thank you to everyone who helped us both along the way! If you would like to get involved with your King’s Scout Award or DofE, please speak to your Explorer leader or Network Commissioner for more information.