Month: September 2023

Stanford 60th Celebration

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This weekend we celebrated 60 years of Stanford Scout Camp Site with a day for our Adult Volunteers and their families – an opportunity to say thank you for all of their hard work. The day was full of activities, fun, food and a tug of war (which 1st Southgate/SRF won!). As the light faded, we gathered around the campfire for some presentations. The evening then continued with Adam Jasko leading the campfire before we finished the day with a quiz.

Congratulations Darren

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This week our Group Scout Leader, Chris, was able to award Darren with his Getting Started certificate and pin badge. Already such a strong part of the team, well done Darren and thank you very much for all you do.

SRF Summer Camp 2023

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For those of you who don’t know, SRF is the Explorer Unit (14-17 year olds) that 1st Southgate Scouts usually move up to.

We have just finished our 2023 summer camp, a week at an activity site in Hertfordshire.

Great fun was had by everyone who attended. The first two photos were from the first day of camp versus the last day of camp – everyone looks a bit more tired, but all still happy and smiling!